This & That, Part II


The Kissing couple.

I met Chris & Eileen in Santa Monica, California.  I drove The Missing Link Shuttle 2 Vegas & this picture was the last shot taken on that overnight trip...


LV Promo Card.jpg (34829 bytes) Joshua K O Wan.

This Hong Kong traveller & I met an hour before this historic photograph was taken.  Joshua was going on the kayaking tour with The Missing Link, the next morning, so he took off 20 minutes later.

This photograph was featured on the front side of  The LVBP's Promotional Flyers.

E-mail: Joshua K O Wan of Hong Kong

LV JAPANESE KISS.JPG (19532 bytes)  

Sue & Ken.

This kissing couple met during our St. Patrick's Day party.  Ken was so hilarious & fired up with energy, that Sue asked me 2 take their picture...

E-mail: Sue Tomlinson of England
E-mail: Ken Katayama of Japan


The Jean Jacket Girls.

Kate Millward, Anna Green & Erica Collins, ride the conveyer belt into Caesar's Palace.

E-mail: Kate Millward of England
E-mail: Anna Green of England
E-mail: Erica Collins of England

LV Jean Jacket Trio HALF.jpg (28671 bytes)

Mardi Gras Beads.

Mike Andrews & I met these 2 high energy American girls, while chasing down Mardi Gras beads @ The Rio Suite Hotel & Casino. One of them wanted several of my beads, so Mike suggested that she surrender some kisses in exchange.

"Did she surrender a kiss?"

LV Supergirl Trio.JPG (25934 bytes) Tim, Marina & Sandra.

This shot was taken around 2am on the conveyer belt at The Mirage Casino.  Tim coached the girls on how 2 play Roulette & ironically, Marina won $180 bucks.

E-mail: Tim Jones of Australia
E-mail: Marina Steiner of Austria
E-mail: Sandra Fencl of Austria

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  This picture was taken during a grocery store stop, enroute 2 Zion National Park with The Missing Link Tours.

Kris Donaldson, Maggie Sutcliffe & I laid upon the grass 4 only 5 minutes.  I know that's not long, however, it only takes 1/2 a second 2 immortalize a hostel traveller...

Backpackers: Kris Donaldson & Maggie Sutcliffe of Australia

Quote Maggie GHP 6.jpg (36817 bytes)  


  LV AnnMari TV.jpg (22793 bytes) LV Aussie Christine @ night.JPG (21980 bytes)  
  Annmari Hansen of Denmark.  Hanging out in the kitchen of  The LVBP on a lonely Tuesday night.   Christine McEwan of Australia.  Awing over all the pretty lights at the 24hr. Surf Buffet.  


  LV PA Jill with Border.JPG (21746 bytes) LV Fremont St. Experience.jpg (22398 bytes) LV Sarah & Caroline.JPG (19992 bytes)  
  Jill of Pennsylvania.  Shot taken 5 minutes after I met her The Fremont St. Experience
 (laser light show)
Sarah & Caroline of England
 inside Caesar's Palace


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