February 19th-

 I arrived in Vegas for what is now known as the weekend of a thousand laughs.  The entire staff at The LVBP!
came down to meet me & the manager, Ben C. Danielsen of Norway, smiled & said unto me:


"Welcome to Vegas!"

That night, Ben purchased 142 untaken
photographs from me to build a permanent
photo gallery on hostel life, which opened on
November 23rd.  It was then christianed:
"The Viva, Lost Wages Project".

Ben C. Danielsen, Norway & Virginia Hawkins, Australia
Day 1 of The Viva, Lost Wages Project


Originally set up as an online portfolio for my photography, The PHOTOhype.com web site is slowly becoming
a cyber community for my friends & online PHOTOfriends alike.
  The year 2000 was a great year for The Hype & with
our new direction, there will be plenty more...
  More writers.  More photographers.  More PHOTOfun to come.
More PHOTOtrips, PHOTOshows, PHOTOfights & PHOTOfriends alike.  More of everything & much, much
more of what you expect from a web site that doesn't try sell you anything, except a few photographs
& the lifestyle of The Hype... The so-called PHOTOhype.
-GEOhype, Alaska

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