I boarded that mid afternoon flight singing "Jo-Jo left his heart in Tucson, Arizona...".  Again, I
was off on some wild goose chase, while visions of Leaving The LVBP ran wild in my head.

  "love it as I do, it was definitely
my time to go."
-Emma Andrews, UK

Like all the great LVBP all-stars, in the end, I experienced
something I've always sought after...
  Peace.  Peace of mind.
A piece of my heart that didn't operate at all, while
The PHOTOhype was in Vegas.

It started on Thanksgiving weekend @ Ståle's bon voyage party.
Then, like a virus, it spread from one heart 2 another.  It touched Emma when she left & Virginia as well.  Jay Perez, Justin
Lyons, Rick Halligan & even LostBoyBlue.

The Fathers
The Best Men
Brides Maids

"Would it happen 2 me as well?" -only time could tell.  When I left that plane, I was greeted by Franziska Graf,
who looked at me with the same questionable eyes.  No, true believer, this is not The Limo Tour, a casino
or the 24 hour Surf Buffet.  It was a quiet little desert town called Tucson, Arizona.



Fran & Dan



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