It was the night before
Christmas & on the third floor,

nobody was sleeping, not even
behind a closed door...

But down in the party room
or lounge they now call
There were drinks of plenty
& fake money for all!
No hook-ups were to be found
throughout the entire night
however, Sam held Sebastian
& she held him extremely tight.
The Gambler's were out
& they screamed with a shout:
"Bugger!  I lost all my money
& now I am out!"
They came from all around
to play on this day;
Scotland, Slovenia,
Argentina & Norway
There was Black Jack with Chief
& a poker game ran.
The Don won it all
& never played a single hand.
"Gamble now or
don't Gamble at all!" he said.
"If only this was real..."
Marco from New Zealand
would be dead.
Gins & Kim Dedman
waitress that night.
The WhereAbouts of Jenny?
she was nowhere in sight!
"Don't trust the English!"
shouted Scotland from afar.
"Merry Folken Christmas!"
yelled Pops from the Bar.
And with that quote,
came the end of Casino Night.
A brilliant PHOTOstory for me,
my friends & The Hype!

"Only a true hostel traveller could take fake money seriously..."

Casino Night @ The LVBP!  |  Created by: Adam Johnson, Australia  |  Poem & photos by: GEOhype, Alaska