Hey Geo-

My thoughts on what to write changed in a matter of hours.  I was on a different track altogether, but then something hit
me & this is what is in my head tonight...  Thanks for bringing Luke & Jules across my path.  Those few days formed brilliant
memories - you know those nights that you never want to end!  Finally, there were people here that I could 'click' with.


"It was like watching two guys
who had known each other for many years.
They fed off each other, it was incredible!
The reason it was cool to watch, was
because I was there when they first
met, just 24hrs before!"

Luke Simon & Jules Lund of Australia  |  Photo By: GEOhype, Alaska

They shook hands & introduced themselves (like thousands do) & then tonight, they were best buddies sharing
private jokes that no-one else understood.  The Irish girls hated them at first, but in the end, had these two Aussie mates
posing for pictures before leaving the casino...  Mental!  I love how the vibe or aura from hostel travelling can make
a person shine.  Whether it's happening to you or watching it happen to the people around you.  It's Brilliant!

Photographer: Luke Simon of Australia
Luke Simon

When I got to Vegas, I was happy about stopping somewhere for a while...
Vegas Crew

PHOTOstory: The Dashboard Light
Dashboard Light

Jules Lund of Australia
Jules Lund

I remember the game of truth or dare we played at the bar...

they were best buddies, sharing private jokes that no one else understood...

Do you remember the first time we actually met?
Geo & Dina

Written By: Dina Szylit of Australia  |  Las Vegas, Nevada  |  Photographs By: Dina Szylit & GEOhype, Alaska