Oh Geo, after so many months I've looked at The PHOTOhype & all I can do is cry, when I think of how
many memories I've pushed to the back of my mind.  How many people I've loved so deeply, only to forget them
when I open the next door...  It seems that even though I can still sincerely say that the Vegas times have been
the best in my life, I find myself thinking about  them less & less...  Is this a defense mechanism?


"Every memory has a tinge of sadness,
even the happy ones, because it's a
reminder of a place, a person, a moment
in time we can never have again..."

The LVBP is where I discovered myself
& every time I think of it, I remember the person
I was & realise the changes I've been through.

The Piano Bar
The Karaoke Bar
The Limo Tour
Casino Night @ The LVBP!

When I look through everyone's pages & see all my mental images brought to life, I wonder how I could ever neglect
(which I have) the place & people who made me the person I am today.  The PHOTOhype is a living, breathing thing that
expands all our dreams.  It connects & reunites us in a way I never imagined.  Old friends are still friends, even through
passage of time & I love you & everyone else more than ever.  Thank you for you & thank you for that.

  Geo's 1st night at The LVBP!
Day One
Pool parties at The LVBP!
Pool Parties
Tracey's historic poolside BBQ party
Tracey's BBQ
Virginia Hawkins at Utopia Night Club
Club Utopia
Fabulous toga parties at The LVBP!
Toga Parties
The infamous 3 Musketeers of The LVBP!
3 Musketeers
The social scene at The LVBP!

Written By: Virginia Hawkins, Australia  |  The PHOTOhype Project, Est. 1997  |  Photographs By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska