"A little bit of the magic of
travelling captured in photographs
& quotes.  If you ever fo
rget the
point of travelling, this is a
reminder of what it's all about."

Backpacker: Dave OrrUSA
PHOTOhype.com, The Magazine

Map of USA: www.WorldAtlas.com

One Cheesy Czech Town by: David Farley
David Farley

It was much different here...  The OBI Hostel in San Diego, California
OBI Hostel

Just as Alive Today as it was then...  The Surf City Hostel in Hermosa Beach, California
Hermosa Beach

  Melissa Thomas of Michigan writes about how life is so f*cking beautiful
Melissa Thomas
Spiritual Enlightenment at The Casbah Tea House in Tucson, Arizona
Casbah Tea House
Todd Martin of Pennsylvania writes about his Road High Withdrawals
Todd Martin
The Art Show inside The Living Room in Tucson, Arizona
The Living Room
Erin Deboard of Seattle, Washington & her underwater adventures at The LVBP!
Erin Deboard
Chris Lau of Seattle, Washington writes about an acceptance of his own hype
Chris Lau