Beginners Luck
Written By: Linzi Williams of Wales



"This is my fish and this is his story!"

I've never had the desire to fish before.  Surely, fishing is for old men with nothing better to do.


So, when I found myself out on the waterfront at Camp Fernwood, attaching wiggling worms to my hook, I was a little surprised with myself.

"Maybe it was beginners luck that not long after casting my rod I felt a tug on the other end."

Having convinced myself that I probably just managed to get my line caught on the dock, I was shocked and pleased when I reeled in this fish.

GH Grem's Fish.jpg (17801 bytes)  

I have no idea what type of fish he is, but he's the first fish I ever caught.  For that, he deserved to be photographed and with his big gaping mouth in full view, I captured this shot.


Linzi Williams
Team Wales


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