Bloody Hell!  Gins & I were about to go on a well deserved holiday from all of Vegas' wild energy & untamed nightlife, yet, for some reason, no-one would let us rest in peace!  Every 5 minutes all you would hear was what was becoming a very annoying 'ring ring' on the phone, 'knock knock' on the door, or 'Emma!  Virginia!'

  In a fit of frustration I made a couple of signs for the 2 of us.  Mine said: "I no longer work here, leave me alone"

Gin's simply read:
"I know nothing"

From that point we were bugged somewhat less, although still more than we wanted to be so we decided to scoot off to the supermarket.  We walked along the aisles, wearing our signs and with Gin's Australian flag flowing out from behind her.

LV Supermarket EV-1 6.jpg (46463 bytes)  

Surprisingly, Gins was still asked if she was English!  Bloody yanks!  Finally, well armed with bottles of Baileys, Kahlua & Butterscotch Schnapps we went back to The LVBP! to start the farewell party!  Any excuse eh? -Emma Andrews, England

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