I've just spent over an hour scrolling up & down the PHOTOhype web site...  Gosh, I remember when you
just started out, working at that tiny photo shop up the street in Hermosa Beach.  Wow, & now, years later, you
have this web site to show, full of live-action-shots of backpackers from around the world.  I am amazed.


Seeing myself with Silje & Katrine in B&W
(same photo as I have framed back home here
in Norway), out there on the Internet...

"I realise the time we spent
at the Surf City Hostel really is
immortal. Not only to us, but also
with the people that we connected
with in many different ways."

A few years ago, who would've thought that this guy
from Alaska, running around with a camera around his neck
asking us if he can take our picture, just for the hell of it...
That he would actually make that time just as alive today,
as it was then?  Certainly not me.  I am amazed.

Dr Seuss's
Dr. Seuss

Carole Sutherland: On a Rainy Day in Scotland
Carole Sutherland

Christel Jorgensen of Norway writes...
Christel Jørgensen

Be Discovered.

It's been a year & a half since I last did what I do best, which is travelling for months -
backpacking style.  Meeting new, interesting people, new cultures without any schedule nor a
particular date when to return home.  I miss it tremendously!  I must admit that I don't feel free
& alive here inside my office in Norway. At least I had the chance to experience what I call
'real life' for a few years.  Not everyone can say the same.
-Christel Jørgensen, Norway

Be Successful.

Written By: Christel Jørgensen, Norway  |  Hermosa Beach, California  |  Photographs © Geo D. Oliver, Alaska
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