Kai Angelet, NYC
Mobile: +32 497 410 796  |  E-mail: Kai@PHOTOhype.com

At the age of 22, I picked up my bags for an intended
4 month journey around Europe.  And, let me tell you this, it was
and still is the best decision I ever made!  I travelled to 17 countries,
25 cities and then I ran into Bruges. Wow, I fell in love with the people
and the beauty of this [ medieval city ].  I got to know some amazing
loving families that took me in as there own and now 2yrs later...

I began working at [ The Lybeer ] with the intention of leaving
within a couple of months or so.  However, once introduced, it's
hard to let go.  The life I live now, is to share with all of you. I fully
encourage you to embark upon that travelling spirit.  Definitely, make
it happen! Our world is full of undiscovered opportunities. Come,
join me in [ Bruges ] and start your own great adventure!

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