Liz Turner of Alaska.


Liz Turner & I met in May of 1993.

I was working in Alaska at this popular clothing store called Mr. Rags, when Liz & a group of flirtatious girls asked me 2 sign their shoes - a little joke turned fashion fad back then.  Anyway, Liz didn't have on the right shoes (Converse with the rubber tips), so she asked me 2 autograph the back of her neck...


Liz wink.JPG (15124 bytes)


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Seattle, 1997

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Seattle, 1998

Liz2000.JPG (23826 bytes)

Alaska, 2000


Liz 1995 Cheezy Smile.JPG (19814 bytes)

My 1st photograph with an SLR camera.
Seattle, Washington 1995

GEO & Liz 1995.JPG (20607 bytes)

My 1st self-portrait with an SLR camera.
Seattle, Washington 1995


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