Where's Michael J?

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Digi-Cam Photos By: Mike Andrews, The Don of all Don's


Where's Michael J?
Written By: John Stonell, UK

All my life I have been watching movies and finally there I was, the place where I've always dreamed about.

Besides the attractions & famous landmarks, my main mission was to find the star of my favourite actor, Michael J. Fox, which was located on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.  There were hundreds of stars with names from John Ritter to Tom Cruise, all getting in on the act.  Unfortunately, there was no sign of The Fox.

The next day started out with fresh optimism.  After the ground that we covered yesterday, I was sure I knew The Fox's hidden location.  With "The Flirt" off on some photo adventure elsewhere, "The Kidd", "The Don" & I began The Infamous Fox Hunt.

We mapped out the remaining boulevard stars & even questioned several Hollywood shop employees about The Fox's whereabouts.  However, after passing Mann's Chinese Theatre, three times, we began to lose faith in the hunt.  We were then handed a leaflet guide to the stars' names & much to my disbelief, Michael J. Fox was nowhere to be found. 

"How could this be?  I was gutted & pissed off.  Lassie had a star (why?), Snow White had a star (how?) & even
Woody the f*cking Woodpecker had a star!  Bollocks!   Who wrote this script?"

To add insult to injury, real stars such as Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro and Robert Redford were not even included in this "so-called" walk of Hollywood fame.

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"Who else is missing?"


John Stonell
Team England

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Photo By: GEOhype


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Photographs By: GEOhype, Alaska
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