"To me, travelling is about finding
roots that want to grow, meeting people
along the way & touching their lives
as well as them touching yours."

It's Nomadic & if you think about it, it's where
we have come from as humans.

Chontelle StevensAustralia
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The Point of Travelling: A Network of Friends  |  Location: Maasmechelen, Belgium  |  Photo by: Carlos M-C, Belgium

TOP ROW: Inga Fischer, Germany Ragna Runkel, Germany Sarah Boyle, Australia Miet Vanderhallen, Belgium Willow Norton, England  |  MIDDLE ROW: Alice Keating,
Austria Chontelle Stevens, Australia  |  BOTTOM ROW: Carlos Montero-Caballero, Belgium Paul Grzadka, Australia Jake Zuckerman, England
NOT PICTURED: Mark "Elmo" Conway, England Anders Trotzig, Sweden Alfred Landin, Sweden Tavis Dunn, England Inge Bollen, Belgium & Nomi Haesen, Belgium