"Oh, What A Night!"
Written By: Linzi Williams of Wales


"Oh, what a night! I thought.

It's a little past 5 in the evening, however, I am still buzzing from last nights bizarre evening on The Las Vegas Strip.  Hm.  Trying to recap my weekend in Vegas should be a snap, considering I only did two things - work & party.

Originally, I had plans for a good 12hr. sleep after a long journey & time in the state of Texas.  I arrived @ The LVBP around 1 o'clock on a Friday morning.  After a few hours in bed, my day began with a rude awakening by Geo banging on my door.

"Linzi get up...  Linzi get up."  He cries.

Having met last summer in Hermosa Beach, it's been a full year since we've seen each other.  I wasn't sure if he was excited to see a traveler return, or excited  that I've agreed to become part of The PHOTOhype Project.  Regardless of which, he leans over 2 hug me and then I am put straight to work.

Saturday Night -I'd been in Vegas for two days and still haven't seen any lights, slot machines or casinos. Geo's computer was driving me crazy!   I was complaining, nonstop, and desperate to make it out of the office.   Finally, Geo agrees to show me & my roommates, The Strip.

Our 1st stop, The Barbary Coast Casino. Convinced we're in for a lucky night, Geo hands us each a quarter and heads over to the slot machines.  The power of The Hype must have been with him as the machine spat out a cup full of winnings.

Our next stop was outside The Bellagio Hotel.   I watched an amazing fountain show, where the water danced to the music and the lights mimicked its every move.  Geo, however, was too pre-occupied to enjoy the show.  The girls joked about getting married in Vegas.  Being the only guy with us each girl asked for his hand in marriage.  Oh, Robbie Williams, I think "The Ego has Landed" in Vegas.

Caesar's Palace - Everybody was dressed to the nines and held more money in one hand, than I've ever earned in my entire life.    They were the high rollers and yes, they gambled in true style.  We stood on the outside looking in, knowing that for some odd reason we just wouldn't quite fit in.

Treasure Island - We tried to battle our way through the hoards of people to capture a good view of the upcoming free show.  A minute or so later, the pirates came out and the crowd clapped in response.  I'm sure I would have enjoyed the show a lot more, if I'd actually got to see it.  Arriving late meant we were stuck behind a crowd of ridiculously tall people.

The Mirage - The volcano was due to erupt promising a show of fire and water.  With no tall people in sight we waited. Mary, our Irish friend, kept the crowd entertained with her talk of "Michael Flatney's River Dance", while producing a fine display of Irish dancing.

"She just looks like she needs to go to the toilet!"   An obviously uncultured Geo remark.

The Venetian - Discreetly, we lay on the floor and photographed the ceiling, which was an amazing replica of Michael Angelo's painting of The 16th Chapel.  Next, we rode the escalator to the second floor, where we found a refreshing indoor Venice.  Complete with canal and gondolas, it was easy to forget where you really were. Oh Vegas,  you are something else.  We paused for a few minutes to simply appreciate everything.

New York, New  York - Surely, this was a casino built from a lot of class and style.  We were headed straight for the nickel slots, when we were distracted by a brides' wedding dress.  None of Geo's 24hr. weddings, this was for real.  The bride and groom joined us for a group photo. Then, the wedding guests joined in.  Then, two American guys strolled on by & joined in.  Then, two German cowboys had to be photographed and eventually a security guard.

Oops!  Looks like we attracted a bit of attention to ourselves, because the security guard wasn't there to have his picture taken.  I guess, we were having too much fun in the casino and not spending enough money.  Geo invited him to join in on all the so-called fun, however, he wanted to see our ID's, instead.  A few of us were under 21, so he asked us to leave.

Oh well.  We were all tired and out of cash anyway.


Linzi Williams
Team Wales

-Linzi also wrote 4 The GLOBALhype Project-

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