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Pink Palace Hostel on Corfu Island, Greece

The Pink Palace.  Corfu, Greece

Europe's Famous Hostels Supposedly, The Pink Palace in Corfu, Greece, is a resort island version of The LVBP meets The Flying Pig.  Toga parties, cliff jumping, smashing plates, dancing in the bar, great social life & getting your flirt on...  Apparently, that only gets you past the 1st few nights @ this world famous island resort hostel.
Canadian travellers Sam Simons & Andi Camden wrote: "Surrounded by pink with a view from the Gods, The Palace is great, against all odds.  Welcomed by Ouzo will always brighten your way - breakfast & dinner, complimentary everyday.
A true Greek experience with a plate over your head, the pink toga & Ouzo party will ensure you never get out of bed!".

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Groove Nation by: DJ Rob Groove
DJ Rob Groove's web site about The Palace


sleeping at Stansted Airport in London, England

camping at Stansted Airport in London, England

I thought spending the night at the airport was going to be a total drag, however, when I walked into London's Stansted airport, I found out, that I was not alone.  Apparently, Europe's discount airline champions (EasyJet & RyanAir) dish out the super cheap flights around 6 o'clock in the morning.  Thus, why stress over morning traffic, when you can camp out at the airport with other like minded individuals.

This is definitely one of those European backpacking adventure stories that I would recommend, especially if you like 2 meet people & talk a lot.  I met loads of travellers.  The Scottish boys offered me a little Vodka & Coke, while Luca from Italy & Anna from Poland gave me a ham & cheese sandwich as well as a damn good conversation...

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Photograph By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska

Batman: Dead End

Chicks Abroad

Finally Somebody decided 2 put Hollywood in its place by showing us loyal Dark Knight fans our beloved Batman the way he is suppose 2 be portrayed, as The Dark Knight!

Film director Sandy Collora

Film director Sandy Collora made this extraordinary short feature film, which has Hollywood producers thinking twice about who they want 2 market the next Dark Knight movie to.  Certainly not children!

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I was referred 2 this web site from Photographer: Scott Taylor of New Zealand.  Anyway, this is a cool site 4 the female backpacker that features some cool stories & photographs from girls travelling around the world - Chicks Abroad!

It's run by this Canadian girl named Meghan Telpner.  I've only chatted with her over the Internet & from what I've seen, she has a strong heart & a deep love 4 travelling.

Meghan Telpner of Canada

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Sammy Mohrluder of Germany

Crazy Indians

Here's a picture of me with a German girl named Sammy Mohrlüder, who created the Crazy Indians web site.  Is it cool 2 think that  we found inspiration in each other?  I think so, because one night I wrote her an e-mail that ended up becoming my Visions of The End Dream PHOTOstory...

I was fascinated by her team of adventure seekers (nicknamed: Crazy Indians).  On her web site, she did a full page description of everybody involved on her Trek America tour, which meant that somebody was paying attention 2 the atmosphere & not just her own path...  Sweet-as.

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