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Europe's Famous Hostels

famous hostel of Europe

As written on the EFH web site - Europe's Famous Hostels, a group of 15 hostels in 13 countries, have been selected again & again by backpackers & budget travellers as their favorite & most memorable stays on their journeys.  Your European adventure should be one that stories are made of.  Much more than just the sites you have seen.  Memories will be based on the people you meet & the places you stay.

Europe's Famous Hostels have been chosen for just that -
a place to build a memory. Let your fellow traveller be your guide &
drop your bag for a minute in one of these fifteen destinations,
it may be a while before you pack to leave!

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The Art-Hostel in Bulgaria

The Art Hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria

So, you wanna be a little creative, eh?  Well, here's a youth hostel in Sofia, Bulgaria that was put together with a strong emphasis on hanging out in the garden, socializing, playing music, art, photography exhibitions & the artist who stand behind 'em...

"Usually, we spend our time in the garden" -Is the motto they love so well.

Their web site is pretty wicked with tons of stuff 2 check out.  Inside the "Our Projects" section, you'll find Destination: Bulgaria - A Travelling Gallery.  It's a photography exhibition that was born from these so called "Sky Party" events, which aimed at presenting Bulgarian visual arts & music around the city of Sofia.  There's no surprise that I already like this hostel.

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Hostel in the Forest

Photo By: Maud Renggli of Switzerland

Maud Renggli of Switzerland writes - After a few uneventful days in Florida with its "fake life", Romy & I drove to Brunswick, Georgia to the address of "The Hostel in the Forest".  We arrived in skirts, sunglasses & a smile - typical Florida-style attire.

"It was there that we discovered a world of meditation..."

Everything was biological & ecological.  The office & the library were these round wooden houses.  They had dinner in the dining room, which I have to say was very yummyMy favorite part was our room.  We had a hut (just for us) at the top of a tree.  There, we had the best view to fall asleep...

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Generator Hostel in London, England

Generator Hostel

Franziska Graf of Switzerland writes - Hey, how are you? I'm back from London.  It was cool!  I met so many new people!  The hostel was totally crazy and a great place to stay.

I booked it over your web-site, The Generator, London.  They have another one in Berlin.

But you know what?  I thought about you, when I sat at the bar in the hostel in the evening!  It's a great place and all was perfect, but no crazy photographer ran around and brought the people together!  Still, I met a lot of people, because I'm not shy.  There was others, you know what I mean, the people who really would love to talk, but not open enough to do so or whatever...

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