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The Circus Hostel in Berlin, Germany

Circus, The Hostel

Europe's Famous Hostels

I met a lot of beautiful people because of The Circus Hostel in Berlin, Germany.
15 Australians, 20 Norwegians, the staff, Mr. Goldman, 6 singing Italians & even
2 character driven Americans from San Diego.
  Simply put, it was one of those magical hostel weekends in which all the right people came together!

Don't worry about stumbling into your bed after 6am, because their breakfast buffet is an event of its own that lasts all the way 'til 1pm.  Their 4 hour walking tour is a must & you can't miss all the photographs of Berlin that cover every wall & dorm room of this hostel...

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Goldmans Bar at The Circus Hostel


Photographer: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco

Photo By: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco Photo By: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco
Photo By: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco Photo By: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco

So, you wanna look at a book about peoples "hips".  Well, allow me 2 introduce you 2 Photographer: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco.  I met Patrick over the Internet & visited him in June, 2003 during a week long trip 2 the bay area.  Originally from Ireland, Patrick's a photographer who specializes in people, Burning Man, model shoots & other kinds of work 4 hire.  Both of us side with the same ISP (Laughing Squid), so I guess you can consider us 2 be PHOTOsiblings on the net.

Patrick showcases his work often in gallery halls or cafes in & around Northern California.  His apartment/studio/flat sits on top of a hill, overlooking San Francisco's skyline & the mystical beauty of the bay area.

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Photo By: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco Photo By: Patrick Roddie of San Francisco

The Meatrix

20 minutes after I announced my arrival into Poland, I received a call from this team of photographers from  They invited me over 4 the weekend, because they were having a gallery opening 4 Slovakian photographer: Andrej Balco.
It was a true honor 2 experience this world famous Polish hospitality.  They took me 2 this hill of a thousand crosses & that is where I found "Gora Grabarka".

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Okay, Mr. Hardin.  I have 2 admit, you've sent me a lot of stuff & junk in the past & by far, The Meatrix is perhaps the best one I've seen.  I like the approach, its animated message & that is why I've decided 2 publish it onto The PHOTOhype.

The Meatrix is about animal cruelty & the lie we tell ourselves about where our meat & animal products come from - ah, just click on the link & see for yourself.  Thanks Tay!

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New Berlin Tours

New Berlin Magazine is the web site for Berlin's #1 English language city magazine.  The site has all the club listings, bar & restaurant recommendations, train times to other cities, weather, maps & is updated with all the new live music & club events bi-weekly. is the web site for our walking tour company, featuring a 3.5 hour overview tour of Berlin, the Cold War Spy Tour, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour, 3rd Reich Berlin Tour as well as New Berlin's Famous Pub Crawl with unlimited shot drinks all night long!!!

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