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Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam, Holland

The Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Europes Famous Hostels The Flying Pig Hostel in Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands) was just as mad as Vegas, except all the casinos were replaced with the red light district & the free flowing pot scene replaced all the wild drinking at The LVBPThe FREE video e-mail machine was simply brilliant & I met loads of travellers including Paul Grzadka of Australia, who helped me produce The Heineken Experience PHOTOstory.

Swantje Roettgers of Germany had this 2 say about The Flying Pig: "Because of the “recommendation” on your web page my sister & I also stayed at the Flying Pig.  Well, let’s say it's a very interesting place!  I swear, I didn’t smoke once but was kind of 24hr. stoned with this Amsterdam smock, bet you had the same experience."

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Photograph By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska
Downtown Amsterdam


Photographer: Thanassis Stavrakis of Athens, Greece

Photograph By: Thanassis Stavrakis of Greece

This Greek photographer burnt a lasting impression with me.

I sat at this Internet cafe in Scotland, writing e-mails 2 various photographers in Greece, announcing my week long stay in their country.  I asked them a lot of questions about themselves, photography & photo exhibitions in Greece.  I invited them 2 visit me @ the youth hostel & on my 2nd day in Athens, Associated Press Photographer: Thanassis Stavrakis walked in the door.

Thanassis took me out 4 lunch & provided me with FREE internet access at his office.  Thanassis also gave me a signed copy of one of his PHOTObooks, while introducing me 2 the rest of the AP photographers @ his job.  Then, he tossed me on the back of his motorbike & together, we zoomed off 2 a party in honor of 22 local Greek artists...  Brilliant, mate!  Simply Brilliant!

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Homeless Gallery by: Tomek Sikora, Poland


Now, this is something different...  I can't remember how I found this web site, but 2 Polish photographer's (Tomek Sikora & Andrzej Swietlik) came up with this temporary photo/art gallery idea.  They hunt down a location, get permission from the owner & for  3 to 5 days, it's an exhibition hall with more than 100 photographers/artists exhibiting their work - they even have reception parties, which are my personal favorites.
Homeless Galleria exhibition I really respect these type of photographers & artists.  It will be a real pleasure 2 join them, when The PHOTOhype Project moves 2 Krakow!

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Do you believe me now?  I told you that Alaska's girl 2 guy ratio is really messed up & I think this magazine proves it!  So, all you ladies out there, if you want 2 find a place that has an abundance of real men, go 2 Alaska!  I'm from Alaska & I think I'm a good guy (hint, hint).

Alaska women joke that "The odds are good, but, the good are odd".  Alaska men joke that "In Alaska, you never lose your girl, you just lose your turn". - oops!  Did I say that?

Alaska Men Magazine

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Devian Art Community

This is an interesting web community 4 all you Art & Photography freaks out there.  I was referred 2 this site by 2 of my Belgian PHOTOfriends (TankGirl & MelvinKobe) who are both members of this new age cyber space support group.  TankGirl (Cindy Frey) is this sexy Hard Core Punk Rock photographer & MelvinKobe (Carlos M-C) has an alias life over at my favorite bar: Café La Fête.

It's web site communities like DeviantArt that a lot of you kids of the Internet generation take 4 granted.  I remember all these lonely letters I used 2 receive from friends stuck in small hole-in-the-wall towns.  Everybody wanted out or at least a few friends that could appreciate their creativity.  The Internet is such an amazing platform of ideas.  It can free the human mind & transport us 2 far away lands, that in reality, are only a few blocks away.

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Photo By: MelvinKobe, Belgium

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