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Bauhaus Youth Hostel in Brugge, Belgium

Bauhaus Youth Hotel in Brugge, Belgium

Europe's Famous Hostels

Bruges is a magical little town straight out of the history pages of medieval Europe.  During the day, it's Belgium's most visited city & at night, there's a deep dark mysterious aura surrounding every cobble stone road & town square.  Haven't figured out where all the tourist go at night, because I've only met the locals & they're always 1st on the scene 2 buy me one of their famous Belgian beers.

The Bauhaus Youth Hotel in Bruges, Belgium, which was a remarkably clean & modern hostel, served my 11 Euros a night just right!  They had 2 cool social bars with a full restaurant menu, a very posh Internet Cafe & a wicked Photography Gallery that was currently showcasing the work of Ziyah Gafic (famous World Press photographer) - Sweet-@s, baby!

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Photograph By: Geo D. Oliver, Alaska
Bauhaus Hostel


Photographer: John Beardsworth, UK

Photo By: John Beardsworth, England

In late July, I stumbled across this web site that featured a listing of great photographers.  The editor critiqued each web site listed & gave his own personal views about why he chose 2 list that site.  Of course, I found this web site pretty interesting, but what really got my motors running was when I realized that I was actually inside the links page of Photographer: John Beardsworth's web site.

It was a total PHOTOdose of inspiration.  4 the past 3 years, I refused 2 add a links page 2 The PHOTOhype, because I felt an ordinary links page wouldn't work well with the overall structure & layout I was building with The PHOTOhype.  Thus, Photographer: John Beardsworth taught me differently & showed me that it can be done.

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Photo By: John Beardsworth

Earth From Above photography exhibition

The Crazy Ones.  A poem by: Apple Computers Inc.

Absolutely Brilliant!  Aerial photographer: Yann Arthus-Bertrand of France spent 13 years photographing the world from above & today, his work is creating lasting impressions where ever his 24 hour a day open air photography exhibition lands.

Earth From The Air photography exhibition

I had the pleasure of seeing Earth From Above while it was in Göteborg, Sweden (August, 2003).  120 24x36mm giant size prints made this unforgettable photography exhibition.

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It's funny how inspiration can just sit on a wall.  I was in California, wandering around one of those Apple Computer stores, when I stumbled across this poem titled: Here's to the Crazy Ones - it was located behind "The Genius Bar".

Inside this poem, I saw The PHOTOhype Project.  I saw myself, as well as everybody else who built this web site that Alice Keating once called "a complex world of art & emotions".

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Italian backpacker named Stefano & Corto Maltese

Corto Maltese Italian Backpacker
Stefano, Italian backpacker Corto Maltese

This Italian backpacker named Stefano writes:

Travelling has been a matter of life for me since I was a little boy when Corto Maltese's adventures kidnapped both my mind & fantasy by pushing myself into dreaming of distant horizons.  I love being a citizen of this more & more smaller planet.

I like travelling independently, because I think there's always something new to learn from other cultures & people.  I carry an Italian passport which is probably one of the best passports you can carry, because Italians are welcomed in every corner of the world with an open & genuine smile.  My dream is to leave "home" to reinvent a new & completely different life somewhere else.  I still have to find that place & I hope to discover it one day...

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