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OBI Hostel in San Diego, California

Ocean Beach International Hostel in San Diego, California

This was the last U.S. hostel base in my 6 year run with The PHOTOhype Project.  I was there from November, 2001 until July, 2003.  Jeepers, I can't believe it's been that long.  Oh well, Ocean Beach is like the place that time forgot with it's VW beetles & buses, hippies, drinking on the beach, bon fires, bars & NO corporate businesses except Starbuck's, which really isn't welcomed there.  Man, I'm gonna really miss San Diego, because it gave me the opportunity to put down my camera & actually live the life of the backpacker.

I connected 10x's better with most of the travellers here, versus my time in Vegas.  After not seeing eye to eye with most German travellers in Vegas, San Diego produced a lot of memorable times (which included an unforgettable Mad Dash to Vegas) with the Germans.  All of which made me question my own personality & not the German travellers or fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Bon Fires on The Beach!


Photographer: Peter Miller

Vermont People by: Peter Miller, Photographer
Vermont People by: Peter Miller, Photographer

It was one of those endless nights on the net when I found an article written by this photographer from Vermont.  He wrote about the young photographers of today, so you know he caught my attention.  The title of the article was called: Plain People & in it, Peter Miller wrote this:

"Too many young people search out the poor, the starving, the disadvantaged, the imprisoned, or whatever makes these people camera fodder. Then these budding photographers travel the world in search of misery. They are egged on by grants and awards and editors and workshops. They could do much better if they stayed at home and photographed just ordinary people and life around them, and when they learn about people, then travel elsewhere. However, there is no news value in the ordinary, there is no glamour in traveling to Vermont or North Dakota rather than the Sudan or Mongolia; in the end, there is no money or reputation being built by shooting what's next door. Sometimes, I think it is guilt that makes young photographers search for a disadvantaged theme and sometimes I think it is smugness that allows them to photograph somebody less privileged then themselves. All I do is compare their photographs against, say, Salgado's and I say, where is the humanity in these young photographers?" 

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The Value of Time

Kiwi Dreams.  Photographer: Scott Taylor of New Zealand

Isn't it amazing to think about all that can happen to you in just one day?  That's right, true believer, just 24 hours to get everything done.  Some days you want to end right away & some days you don't want to end at all...

An anonymous writer sent me this story that talks about The Value of Time.  Please, check it out & tell me what you think, okay?

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I will never forget the day I met Photographer: Scott Taylor of New Zealand.  We were at The OBI, looking at each others work, when he hands me this book packed with photographs of his girlfriend, Yael.  Weird, I've never looked at any girl with those type of PHOTOeyes, but it felt good, really good.

Scott was there when I first arrived in London & he was there on my last night in Europe, when I couldn't make up my mind on whether or not I should head back to the states.  

Photograph (c)

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Cafe La Fete in Maasmechelen, Belgium

Photograph By: MelvinKobe, Belgium

It's rare that "a bar" was able to capture my attention, like this place did.  Yeah, I know it's the locals favorite hangout with its famous Belgian beer, glasses of white wine, live DJ's, good music & Django running up your tab, while Mr. C bounces around with a digital camera.  Yup!  Lots of good memories, including this time a guy approached us, because he heard that my good friend Vital had a "foreigner" in town - uh, that would be me.  I also remember my first "real" night there.  Vital taps me on the shoulder &

asks me: "What are you doing?".   "Uh, I'm talking with this guy over here."  "Well," Vital replied.  "all those girls over there came here tonight to meet my friend Geo & he's over here talking with some dude???".  Yeah, I had to laugh about that one, as well as my last night, when Django decided to close the bar early, just to throw me a going away party?  He even broke out 2 bottles of Champaign & yes, true believer, I did drink that night...

[ PHOTOstory: The Answer Was Quite Simple ]

Photograph by: MelvinKobe, Belgium


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